uTail module for Magento 2, installation guide

November 17, 2016 Documentation

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These are several steps, that are should be performed in order to install UTail module for Magento 2.

Step 1.

Download the archive of UTail module for Magento 2 from here.

Step 2.

Upload UTail module for Magento 2 to your server. Use an FTP or SFTP tool:

1. Extract the archive of UTail module for Magento anywhere on your computer.


2. Copy code folder to the app directory of the server. The app directory is usually placed in public_html/app.


3. Upgrade the Magento 2 application and extensions using command line. You can run the commands in the following ways:

  • cd [your Magento install dir]
  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade



Step 3.

Configuration of UTail module for Magento 2.
1. On the Admin panel, select Store > Configuration > Ticonderoga > UTail
2. Provide your unique UTail client information from your http://utail.com/ account and click Save Config.


Step 4.

Creating a Category or Product button of UTail module for Magento 2.
UTail button can be added to any product or category of your store:

  1. Open Producs, select Categories or Catalog
  2. Choose one category or product and find the paragraph Utail, click on it and paste the widget code.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Discount button is appeared at the product page.