Drive more sales

Your customer promotes your product on Social Media.

Perfect SEO & Recommendation Engine

Links to your products from customers that use it will significantly improve search results over time.  This gets you even more sales.

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Better Than a Discount Code

Incentivize your customers with a discount or a bonus at the point of sale. Utail® makes the discount part of the sales process, without the need to search for a code.

A Win-Win for You & the Customer

The customer saves money, you get promoted on social media with your links.  Both parties win.

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You set your own rules.

  • How it looks
  • What & when to share
  • How much to discount


See how much savings was generated. See how many posts were made, and which social media.  View individual posts.


Use a third party system?  Utail® has plugins compatible with BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce and other eCommerce Platforms.


Utail® gets smarter and better as time passes. Utail® improves while you rest. Added functionality, enhanced features, and improved user experience makes you look in control.

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Discount Demo

Discount Demo

Perfect for any
E-Commerce website
Subtracts from total sale

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Bonus Demo

Bonus Demo

Perfect for online games
Casino & Poker sites
Adds to total sale

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Supported Platforms

Integrate UTail® easily on to any ecommerce platform your website is built with. We support a wide range of CMS, shopping carts and frameworks. We are constantantly increasing the list of supported platforms.

Can’t find your platform in the list below? Contact us to request to integrate UTail® into your site.

Examples: A retail item such as a dress, food or a mobile phone; a service, such as a newspaper; subscription; a ticket to a concert or an event; travel, such as an airline ticket; a luxury item like a boat or a car; a software package; insurance; flowers; day care; anything you can sell.

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Multiple Social Media Choices

Select the social media platforms you want: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

Link and text is yours

Customer social media posts include your link along with your suggested text.

Bonus or Discount

Utail® can do either function. Discount the price or provide additional bonuses. You set the value of your social media promotion.